Monday, July 12, 2010


The Wiz of was launched in August 2005 and offers breaking news, insight and opinion on college football. The New York Times calls The Wiz "one of the best college football blogs out there. Intelligent and comprehensive, it always provides plenty of good reading material."

A team of correspondents and editors offer a daily aggregate of news and the site serves as a springboard for college football writers and broadcasters nationwide. The Wiz has earned mention in nearly every major newspaper and has found a permanent link on blogs of the New York Times, Orlando Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News, among others. Its influence in the blogosphere is equally impressive, with linkage on sites such as Deadspin, ESPN and the Huffington Post.

The site is managed by Jay Christensen, who spent nearly 20 years as an editor and writer at the Los Angeles Times. Jay is also a former co-host of "Sports Overnight America" on the Sports Byline USA Radio Network, and is a frequent guest on radio and TV sports talk shows around the country, including "NBC Sports Talk" on the NBC Sports Channel. Link to resume.